Harold Wilson

John Rentoul After Brexit, should referendums be banned?

Many people complained that a referendum was the wrong way to decide such a complex question as Britain’s membership of the EU. In the first of two articles, our Chief Political Commentator looks at the origin of the referendum in our constitution and what would have happened without it

Reginald Collin: TV producer and director of Bafta

Taking over as producer of one of television's most memorable spy dramas, Callan, presented Reginald Collin with an enviable dilemma. "Our problem is that this latest series has been fantastically successful," he told TV Times in 1969. "A year ago, we felt that this would be the last of it. Now we are not so sure."

Album: Tindersticks, Falling Down a Mountain (4AD)

Stuart A Staples is a man whose distinctive nasal Nottingham mumble merges with that of Harold Wilson with every new Tindersticks record. Falling Down a Mountain, remains on familiar Nashville-on-Trent ground.