Hazel Blears

Pandora: 'Pumping party' plans for Tory conference

David Cameron has nailed his colours firmly to the middle-of-the-road mast, confessing a love for crowd-pleasing guitar band The Killers. Meanwhile, the party core's affection for Tony Hadley is already well documented (so fond are they of the paunchy crooner that they invited him to perform at last year's party conference gala dinner).

Brave new world: Theatre enjoys a renaissance as state-of-the-nation

Something strange is happening in the theatre this year. With unprecedented intensity, new plays are telling us about our lives in styles ranging from documentary socio-drama to great apocalyptic statements. Our fears are transformed into hopes in that process of joyful recognition peculiar to the experience of live theatre.

Stadium delays alarm Benitez

Liverpool face the prospect of missing out on tens of millions of pounds in revenue, vital to their pursuit of Manchester United, by missing two vital deadlines for the construction of their new stadium, which is the cornerstone of the club's growth.

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