What I wish I’d known about my knees

After years of tennis, jogging and skiing, Jane E Brody started to encounter chronic knee pain, but the treatments available were found to be wanting

Boxer Prichard Colón has been in a vegetative state since a 2015 bout

The boxer entered a match against Terrel Williams undefeated two years ago. He departed with his first loss, dizzy and weary, his arm slumped over his mother, his vitality sapping with each step he took to the dressing room, where he finally lost consciousness – and has been unresponsive since

Hirschsprung’s disease explained

A man in China had 12kg of compacted faeces and a large part of his gut removed by surgeons. The patient was suffering from a rare disorder known as Hirschsprung’s disease

Wales is leading the world with its new public health law

Wales is about to become the first country to put health first in all public decisions. A new act plans to make it a healthier place, where physical and mental well-being are maximised and where choices and behaviours that benefit future health are understood, reports Richard Owen

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