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Jobs unveils 'the spaceship' that will oversee Apple's global

The "infinite Loop" – the street that's home to Apple's headquarters – clearly isn't infinite enough to cope with spiralling global demand for iPads, iPhones, iPods and elegant but slightly overpriced computers. Why else would Apple be planning to build a vast new Silicon Valley office complex that resembles a doughnut?

Oracle primed for clash of the technology titans

Silicon valley is bracing itself for fireworks as a long-running intellectual property and industrial espionage dispute between two of the most powerful names in technology finally reaches court.

Concern over human cost overshadows iPad launch

The American electronics giant Apple was investigating damaging allegations last night that Chinese workers making its new iPad device were subjected to such "inhumane" treatment that some of them took their own lives by jumping off factory roofs.

Online theatre: All the web's a stage

Fancy a night in with the games console? Or is seeing a play a more appealing option? Rob Sharp reports on the theatre company that lets you do both – at the same time

Sony recalls 100,000 laptop batteries

Computer makers are recalling 100,000 laptop battery packs made by Sony after 40 reports of overheating, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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