Inheritance Tax

Family's thanks for Freudian slip

The family of painter Lucian Freud donated a 19th-century masterpiece to the National Gallery – to thank Britain for offering him refuge from the Nazis in 1933.

Hero to zero: The dizzy rise and dramatic fall of Nick Clegg

Is the Deputy Prime Minister's current status as the most hated man in Britain justified? Matt Chorley thinks the country a better place for his efforts, while John Rentoul says he has little to show for the compromises coalition politics have required

Le Carré gifts entire archive to Bodleian

George Smiley, John le Carré's fictional Cold War spymaster, is returning to his spiritual home. The University of Oxford's Bodleian Library is to take charge of le Carré's vast literary archive, including early drafts of the Oxford-educated Smiley's famous rise through MI6.

Punch & Judy: 350 years of hard-hitting entertainment

When Samuel Pepys came across a captivated crowd watching the street performance of an anarchic little puppet called Punchinello and his beleaguered wife Joan, the diarist chronicled the event in his diary, dated 9 May 1662.

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Steve Richards: Labour have forgotten how to box clever on 'tax and

Labour has fallen into a "tax and spend" trap for the first time since Gordon Brown took charge of the party's economic policy in 1992. The entrapment explains the widening of the Conservatives' lead and is, for Labour, extremely dangerous. The single issue of "tax and spend" determines the outcome of elections in Britain, often unfairly but always decisively.