Qasim Rashid What the Quran actually says about blasphemy

Blasphemy laws began in Christian countries, and started appearing in Muslim majority countries after British imperialism. But if we go back to the Quran, we can see that what's happening in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Pakistan isn't faithfully Islamic at all

Pat McFadden Nationalism is driving us towards a hard Brexit

The process we are embarking on is about far more than simply economics or trade. Great care must be taken with our constitutional arrangements, and with the precious normality in Ireland painstakingly built up in the years since the Good Friday Agreement

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These Dubliners are going sober for St Patrick’s Day

‘Apocalyptic’ scenes of drunken debauchery have become the norm for Dublin on St Patrick’s Day, as tourists descend for a day of heavy drinking. Nicola Brady meets the locals who’ve had enough