Court to rule on Bali bomb suspect

An Indonesian court is expected to issue a verdict today in the case of a terror suspect accused of helping to build the car bomb used in the 2002 Bali nightclub attacks.

Lady Gaga gagged as Indonesia cancels gig

Police have refused a permit for Lady Gaga to perform in the Indonesian capital next month, bowing to pressure from Islamic groups who voiced strong objections to her "vulgar" style.

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Donald pipped by Westwood in English quest to be world No 1

Luke Donald saw his world No 1 dream cruelly snatched away on the third hole of sudden death at The Heritage last night. But English golf could still go to bed content in the knowledge that one of theirs would be heading the rankings when they are published this morning. Lee Westwood, and his many admirers, will feel he is back where he belongs.

Prince Andrew tries to keep his nose clean in Indonesia

Prince Andrew has quietly resumed his role as UK trade ambassador, in his first official trip abroad following the furore surrounding his contact with foreign dictators. The Prince arrived in Indonesia yesterday to promote British business interests there. The visit received no publicity in the UK, but was reported on the website of the British embassy in Jakarta.

'Little Barry' returns to his boyhood home

After twice postponing a visit because of domestic crises, Barack Obama finally returned to his boyhood home of Indonesia yesterday. But he was set to spend less than 24 hours in the world's most populous Muslim nation and the excitement once generated by his return has largely dissipated.