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Joe Biden

Assange is a 'hi-tech terrorist', says Biden

The US Vice-President, Joe Biden, yesterday likened Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks who is currently under house arrest in a private mansion in Suffolk, to a "hi-tech terrorist" and confirmed that the administration is searching for ways to take legal action against him.

Obama Mia! Just the Tonic at the Caves

Proving the old Fringe adage that all you need to fill a theatre is a recognisable name plus the word "musical", Obama Mia! a Musical Comedy is already doing good box-office business.

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Opinion: top in 2008

It probably says something (though I don't know what) about our visual medium that the most viewed pieces in the Opinion section of the website this year were cartoons - The Daily Cartoon and Tim Sanders News Cartoon. In more prosaic reality, it just shows the value of pages that last 12 months on the web and are updated very day.

Obama still faces Clinton complication

She may have lost the nomination - but she holds her party's fate in her hands. The Democratic convention that opens here today will be the coronation of Barack Obama, choreographed to the last word and smallest gesture. But millions of hands could still wield a fatal dagger. They belong to the supporters of Hillary Clinton.

From The West Wing to the campaign trail

His brilliant portrayal of a president's loyal lieutenant electrified 'The West Wing'. But this year, as the Democratic primaries got under way, Richard Schiff wasn't just playing a role – he was working behind the scenes to get his guy a shot at the White House