Keanu Reeves

Point Break $100m remake: What's the point, dude?

The 1991 action thriller starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze has been remade into a globe-trotting, 3D extravaganza. Why bother, asks Tim Walker, they'll never top a soulful flick that changed the face of film-making

'Avatar' primed to give boost to sales of Blu-ray

It has already smashed box office records, now Avatar is expecting to break sales records and provide a boost to the makers of Blu-ray machines who hope the film could give their format a "Matrix moment".

Speed Racer (PG)

Car-crash cinema to make you reach for the headache pills: How could they? The men who made 'The Matrix' have created a computer-game-style film that's so dull it hurts

Keanu Reeves: I relish being an antihero

He has starred in a few turkeys, but it hasn't done his acting career (or wallet) any harm. Keanu Reeves talks to Lesley O'Toole about love, loss – and gun control