Ken Livingstone

Sketch: He praised PMs past and present, but it was all about Boris's

It's a tribute to Boris Johnson's rapturously received speech yesterday that, almost unnoticed, he secured a warm round of applause for Sir John Major. Certainly the last Tory PM retains a place in the public's affections, but now the premiership of the whipping boy of the Tory Eurosceptic bastards has been fully rehabilitated even in the eyes of a still Thatcherite-leaning party conference.

Confusion over Tube strike 'suspension'

London Underground claims a series of strikes protesting against the sacking of two Tube drivers been suspended, despite the RMT union insisting they will go ahead.

Tottenham's plans 'horrify' Livingstone

Ken Livingstone has said he would be horrified if Tottenham were successful in their bid to take over the Olympic Stadium because of the "horrendous" cost to the environment.

Hoey on defensive over Johnson role

The Labour MP and former sports minister Kate Hoey will work for Boris Johnson if the Tory unseats Ken Livingstone to become London's Mayor in Thursday's election, his campaign officials announced today.

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