'I'm shutting the world's biggest refugee camp'

'The Kenyan government’s most pressing constitutional and moral responsibility is to ensure the security of its citizens from the risk of violent attack. Our intelligence and security forces have known for a long time that these camps are a dire threat to our people’s security'

Kenya to stage largest ever ivory burn

Over 100 tonnes of illegally poached ivory will be reduced to ash as the Kenyan government signals its commitment to combating the illegal wildlife trade by burning its entire ivory stockpile

Think Conservation, Make It Kenya

Kenya's Ministry of Tourism, supporting partner of the Giants Club Summit, explains why this east African country is such an appealing prospect for investors

Kenya: Africa's rising star

Kenya's outstanding biodiversity is crucial to its thriving tourism industry, which is why Brand Kenya says it is thrilled to be supporting the Giants Club Summit  

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Aga Khan accused of gagging Kenya's top newspaper

The 'Daily Nation', once renowned for its fearless independence, has sacked several senior journalists amid fears that its owner, the Aga Khan, is co-operating with the government ahead of elections