Kevin Spacey

Rampart, Oren Moverman, 102 Mins (15)

He's violent, mouthy, seductive, and an all-round scuzzball. Woody Harrelson is a man out of time in the cleaned-up LAPD. Still, he can always retrain and become a lawyer

Ditch, Old Vic Tunnels, London

Two minutes' walk from Waterloo Station and a little, graffiti-covered door in a side wall grants you access to a starkly different world. Cold, smelling of mould, and resounding to the thunder of the trains hurtling overhead, this massive underground labyrinth of high, vaulted brick tunnels forms a magical space that has been commandeered by the Old Vic's artistic director, Kevin Spacey, as a subterranean arena for non-profit theatre pieces and art works.

Album: Various artists, Freedom, Rhythm & Sound, (Soul Jazz)

As with previous Gilles Peterson compilations, there's a few tracks here that make you wonder whether he listened all the way through, but once past the dodgy vocals and workaday vamps, this two-CD collection of revolutionary US funky free-jazz contains real goodies.

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Cultural Life: Goldie, DJ & Producer

This week, I've been listening to the Argentine tango composer Astor Piazzolla's "Oblivion", Pat Metheny's new age jazz album First Circle, and Miles Davis' track "Blue in Green" on Kind of Blue. My all-time favourite track is Metheny's "Are You Going With Me?" The key to music is in the arrangement, which is something I learnt from him.

21 (12A)

Jim Sturgess plays a brilliant but impecunious maths student who's recruited by his professor (Kevin Spacey).