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Joe Todd To win, Labour must resurrect working-class culture and identity

When my dad spoke to me about his childhood, he’d talk of working men’s clubs as major social institutions. Twice a year, the club would organise trips to Blackpool or Skegness. They’d book out two carriages on the local train, and the children would get pop and crisps on the way there and a stick of rock on the way back

Tom Peck Corbyn has decided to copy Trump's media strategy

As Corbyn’s key lieutenants have worked out, those Labour diehards in their industrial heartlands, who’ve voted Labour all their lives, are abandoning the party in their droves because their leader is not attacking the media enough on Twitter

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Liam Young This is what Labour should do about Brexit

Where the Tory party promises to scrap freedom of movement, we must make the positive argument for sensible immigration reform. Where the Tory party pursues a policy that would lead to economic ruin, we must make compromises with the European Union to avert such ruin