Abu Qatada asks Archbishop of Canterbury for prison meeting

The radical cleric Abu Qatada has written to the Archbishop of Canterbury asking for a private meeting at Belmarsh prison. Abu Qatada is understood to have written to the Most Rev Justin Welby at Lambeth Palace recently, to ask him for a personal visit, even providing him with a prison visiting order.

Urban growth: A gardening guru is getting children hooked on the joys

Tom Moggach has a way of falling silent in the middle of a sentence, as though he's just remembered something he ought to be doing. When it first happened, I fully expected that he'd excuse himself from our conversation and dash out of his house into north London's busy streets. He has plenty of reasons to do so.

Sentamu favourite to succeed Rowan Williams in Canterbury

With Rowan Williams set to step down as Archbishop of Canterbury after ten years in the job, attention is already turning to who might replace him as head of the 77 million-strong Anglican Communion – with Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York the early favourite.

Working windmill brings rural life to ... Brixton

Urban development, steam power and the industrial revolution all contributed to their decline in Britain, but a community in south London was yesterday celebrating the reopening of a historic 19th century windmill, the last remaining of its kind in inner London.

Cleve West: Combine harvesters head for the Garden Museum

Prepare for traffic chaos around the Lambeth Bridge area of London later this year as combine harvesters head for the Garden Museum. A wheat field has been planted there to celebrate the grow-your-own revolution sweeping the nation, and the museum's curator, Christopher Woodward, is hoping for enough flour to bake commemorative bread to mark the occasion. "Field" may be a slight exaggeration and a pair of secateurs will probably be the only tool needed come harvest, but whatever comes of it, the message is that gardening has re-discovered its roots. "Of course the field is symbolic, and even if we only get enough flour to make a croissant I'll be happy," said Woodward, who is eager to flag up the shift in gardening trends. "Our aim is simply to capture the garden zeitgeist."