Lewes Crown Court

Kiss me quick: masterpiece finds a place at the seaside

It is an artistic vision of two fictional figures locked in an intimate embrace. But it spent a decade in its early history languishing in a stable. Now Auguste Rodin's The Kiss, the public's favourite sculpture, begins a fresh chapter in its varied life as it goes on display in Kent.

War at home: The local eco-warriors making a big noise

Shivering atop a power-station chimney certainly makes a dramatic eco statement. But is direct action the best way to combat global warming? Robin Barton meets the climate-change campaigners who like 'big and bold' and the green communities who prefer 'slow and steady'

A short-break safari in Sussex

I recently turned 30, and in a bid to escape the inevitable party, my husband decided to whisk me away on a safari. For the night.