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President Obama to woo Chinese counterpart President Xi at

The last Chinese President, Hu Jintao, was unfailingly formal, but Washington is trying a different tack with his successor, Xi Jinping. He is due to meet US President Barack Obama tomorrow for a weekend “shirt-sleeves summit”, a smart-casual meeting at the 200-acre Sunnylands private estate in the Southern California desert location of Rancho Mirage.

International Women’s Day: fearless, female and a force to be

Hey ladies, it’s our day today. Some might say that half the population need more than just 24 hours... and we’d agree. But with global events shedding light on women’s rights, and Michelle Obama recognising extraordinary heroines, it’s a small step in the right direction.

Why does Beyoncé advertise Pepsi?

Beyoncé is, quite literally, the face of Pepsi. Last month she had the logo of the drinks giant printed across her lips, and on February 3rd, at the Super Bowl halftime show, she'll rock a stadium to promote Coca-Cola's longtime rival. For this and other efforts, the singer is being paid the handsome fee of $50 million: but even such vast quantities of cash shouldn't convince stars to sell soda, argues Mark Bittman in the New York Times.

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For Sasha and Malia Obama, four more years as the First Daughters

When her father's second term as president is up, Malia Obama will be 18 years old and entering into adulthood. She and her younger sister, Sasha, will have spent their formative years in the White House, a place that their parents have attempted to shape into something resembling a normal home.

Is Donald Trump going to leak Obama divorce papers?

Rampaging wig-head Donald Trump, not put off by the failure of his birther conspiracy, has been claiming this week he has another bombshell to drop on President Obama's campaign for re-election. It's "bordering on gigantic", says Trump. But what could it be this time?