Jimmy Dawkins: Blues guitarist

Jimmy “Fast Fingers” Dawkins, who died on 10 April aged 76, was a Chicago bluesman known for his guitar playing and his mellow singing voice.

Proctor fails to jump on bandwagon

They had a blast of Freddie Mercury and Queen over the public address system towards the end of last night's track and field session: "Don't stop me now." "Another one bites the dust" would have been more in keeping on the domestic front.

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Gingrich refuses to step aside despite Santorum victories

Newt Gingrich was yesterday resisting growing demands to drop out of the Republican presidential race and allow his surging fellow conservative Rick Santorum an unimpeded shot at wresting the nomination from the faltering frontrunner, Mitt Romney.

Rick Santorum wins crucial primaries in the deep south

Rick Santorum scored an upset double primary triumph in the deep south last night, guaranteeing that the Republican presidential race will drag on for weeks if not months yet. His victories in Alabama and Mississippi deliver a fresh jolt to the limping front runner Mitt Romney, and raise pressure on Newt Gingrich, his rival for the conservative vote, to drop out and thus set up a one-on-one Santorum-Romney battle for the Republican nomination to face president Obama in the autumn.