Stan Musial: Baseball player considered one of the best in history

On a late summer's day in San Francisco in 1962, a modest crowd gathered to watch the visiting St Louis Cardinals baseball team do battle with the hometown San Francisco Giants. The Cardinals were not strong that year, while the Giants were challenging for the National League divisional baseball championship. Still, the Cardinals were always interesting to watch because of the presence on the team of their aging superstar, Stan Musial, known down the years to anybody exposed to the sport as "Stan the Man".

Commodities fear as mighty Mississippi runs dry in drought

It may be America's largest waterway, but now even the mighty Mississippi is being choked by drought, as historically low water levels threaten to halt the flow of vital commodities from the heart of the US, with potentially devastating economic consequences.

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Akin defies Romney and refuses to quit Senate race

Mitt Romney last night disowned the Republican candidate whose remarks on abortion and rape have created an uproar, urging him to make way for another challenger in the pivotal Senate race in Missouri.

Republican who shocked US defies calls to quit key Senate race

The Republican candidate whose remarks on abortion and rape have created a national uproar was yesterday still refusing to withdraw from his pivotal Senate race in Missouri, despite demands from infuriated and embarrassed party leaders and the loss of millions of dollars of campaign funding.

Republicans' bare cheek on Israel trip

Nobody needs to be reminded that the Sea of Galilee in the Holy Land has special significance to Christians as the place where Jesus walked on water. Now, however, a new historic marker may need to be erected on its shores: "Here in 2011 swam a gaggle of inebriated US Republican Congressmen, one in the buff."

Brad Pitt's mum says 'no' to gay weddings

Brad Pitt did not inherit his liberal politics from his mother. Jane Pitt has caused a stir by writing to her local newspaper urging voters to vote for Republican Mitt Romney in November's US presidential election due to Barack Obama's backing of gay marriage.