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Muhammad Ali

Bunce on Boxing: World Series may shift power and glory back to

It has been 16 years and 61 fights since Wladimir Klitschko joined the only available route to glory and placed his size 15s in the worn steps of boxing's legends by turning professional after winning the super-heavyweight gold medal at the Atlanta Olympics.

The finest night in British sport

I've had the pleasure of watching Ali, Sobers, Coe and Best and World Cup glory in rugby and football but the amazing events of Saturday night eclipsed the lot

The armchair guide to Mad Men

The advertising-agency drama returns for its fifth season next week. Already lost the plot? Will Dean, author of the definitive book on the show, brings you up to speed

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Pakpoom Silaphan's exhbition is a sign of the times

It's the Queen as you've never seen Her Majesty before – painted in white emulsion on an old Coca-Cola advertising sign found in Thailand. Together with other high-profile figures such as John Lennon, Che Guevara, Andy Warhol and Muhammad Ali, she features in Pakpoom Silaphan's latest exhibition, which opens today at London's Scream Gallery.