The 15 best-selling movie soundtracks of all time

When a blockbuster movie couples its box-office success with an equally influential soundtrack, the film's cultural impact and staying power can amplify exponentially. And the dollars add up, too.

Cate Le Bon interview

The Welsh avante-pop singer-songwriter has found a way to overcome the cultural gap between her home and her new base

On the road with Whitney, your new favourite band

This Chigaco septet aren’t afraid to mix Chicago-style jazz and Prince-style pop with a hint of Dolly Parton. Nyla Davison joins them on their European tour and finds a captive audience for their infectious live performances

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How Aerosmith and Run-DMC made ‘Walk This Way’

In 1986, Aerosmith collaborated with rap group Run-DMC on a cover of the veteran rockers’ 1970s hit ‘Walk This Way’. It was a union that revolutionised the music industry, bridging the gap between two cultures, says Geoff Edgers