Five things we learnt from week 16 in the NFL

The 2015 NFL season is nearing its conclusion and playoff spots are continuing to be snatched up. Zander Swinburne examines who made a blunder with the coin toss, who is no longer undefeated and which team can still take the NFC North

Five things we learnt from week 15 of the NFL

Only two more weeks until the play-offs, and the NFL saw a number of teams secure their place in the post-season. Zander Swinburne examines which Super Bowl hopeful could miss out on the play-offs, which star wide receiver showed his greatest weakness, and which team may be have played in their hometown for the last time

Five things we learnt from week 11 of the NFL

Week 11 is over and there were a number of surprises across the NFL this week. Zander Swinburne examines which two AFC South teams could slip into the play-offs, which veteran QB is unlikely to lose his job, as well as which California team could be picking first in next year’s draft.

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Five things we learnt from week nine of the NFL

Week nine of the 2015 NFL season is in the books and a number of surprises came from this week’s slate of games. Zander Swinburne looks at which quarterback has sparked a revival from his time as a backup, which three AFC teams are gunning for a play-off spot, as well as which team is unexpectedly competing for the NFC North title