Pavel Srnicek: Goalkeeper who won fans' hearts

At his best Pavel was a terrific keeper, an acrobatic entertainer and a highly vocal organiser of his rearguard, but perhaps more importantly he was a warm, open-hearted individual, accessible to the fans and generous with his time

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Travel special 2014: Soak in the scenery on a train journey from

The train between Newcastle and Carlisle runs parallel to Hadrian's Wall and offers a window on some of the most spectacular scenery in England. But the 60-mile Tyne Valley Line is itself a part of history, built in the 1830s during the first era of nationwide railway expansion. Following the path of the Tyne inland from Newcastle, the line passes over two listed viaducts and through five listed stations, including Hexham, which dates to 1835, making it one of the world's oldest purpose-built railway stations.