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North Carolina

Marshall Lytle: Bassist at the forefront of the rock'n'roll explosion

Marshall Lytle, the upright bass player for Bill Haley and His Comets, was the most enthusiastic musician that anyone could possibly meet. He lived for his music and, up until he retired through ill health in 2009, he was recreating his "slap bass" sound and indulging in comic showmanship. He gave the impression that he had made his last hit record yesterday; in his mind, it was always 1955.

Obama picks up split Flordia

The last state in the 2012 presidential race has been called, with Florida going narrowly to President Obama.

Four dead in fire-fighting plane crash

A US military cargo plane crashed while fighting one of several wildfires ravaging the West, and the family of one crew member said today that military officers told them just two of the six people on board survived.

More headlines

Barack Obama defies Bible Belt with support for gay marriage

After years of equivocating on an issue that divides his country, President Barack Obama came out in favour of gay marriage in the US last night and suddenly injected an unpredictable social issue into a re-election campaign that had been expected to be fought on the economy.

John Edwards faces trial over '$1m spent to hide affair'

Five years after his presidential campaign was derailed by scandalous revelations that he had fathered an illegitimate child with a former member of staff, John Edwards will face a jury this morning which will decide whether alleged murky efforts to cover up the affair should land him in prison.

Earl Scruggs: Musician whose work on the banjo remains the benchmark

Few musicians are able to dominate their instrument in the way Earl Scruggs did the banjo. Other players may have enjoyed success and acclaim, but Scruggs' work, first with Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys, then with his partner Lester Flatt and later with his own Revue, remains the benchmark against which other picker's efforts are measured.