Rachel Shabi Trump has managed to unite Muslims and Jews in a unique way

Trump's Muslim ban was painfully evocative of Jewish stories of migration to the US – or tragic accounts of family members denied entry to the US as refugees, only to be killed in the Holocaust. Dozens of rabbis were recently arrested while demonstrating against the ban outside Trump Tower

Robert Fisk Everyone knows a two-state solution is no longer possible in Israel

Anyone who’s visited the West Bank these past few years, looked at the Jewish colonies built on stolen Arab land, witnessed the occupation and the filth of Gaza and observed its brutal Hamas militia leaders – and realised that Netanyahu will soon be the most left-wing member of his increasingly racist government – knows very well that the 'two-state solution' vanished long ago

Ben White Theresa May's definition of anti-Semitism limits criticism of Israel

When I participated in a debate at the University of Birmingham on Israel and Palestine a few years ago, organisers told us not to use the term ‘apartheid’, for fear of falling foul of a definition of anti-Semitism recently passed on campus – the same definition now given a new lease of life by Theresa May

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