Palm Beach

The 10 best audiobooks

As the last grains of sand are shaken from your beach reads, why not use the autumn commute to get stuck into these great recent audiobook releases?

Julie Burchill Julie Burchill: A new way to keep women at home

Goodness knows I'm a broad-minded broad, but I do yearn somewhat for a time when san-pro ads weren't being thrust down one's throat at every available oppo. I'm old enough to remember when the yowling Bodyform ads were considered a bit beyond the pale. Now you can't turn on the TV or open a magazine without being confronted with more periods than a Morse code manual.

Portfolio: Lluis Artus

Anyone who has ever been to a city beach will recognise it as a place that brings out a different kind of behaviour to far-flung beaches populated by relaxed holiday-makers – maybe because many city dwellers use them as an outdoor extension for things they would normally do behind closed doors – in a gym, say, or a club. For the Catalan photographer Lluis Artus, Barcelona's two-and-a-half miles of beach front excites for this very reason. "I went there for a long summer break in 2007, after 10 years of living in London," he says. What he found was a pulsating beach life where "people spent whole days on the sand exercising, relaxing or going on the pull. I thought it offered a great show of culture."

10 best spy novels

In need of a dose of espionage for your beach reading? From Bond to Bourne and beyond, we reveal our secret file of classics and the latest thrillers.

The 10 best beach towels

Make waves at the pool or stand out at the seaside with a top towel this summer. Here’s our pick of the most fun, funky and fashionable around...

Nothing like a quiet weekend at the beach

Millions of people across Britain enjoyed sweltering heat and bright sunshine over the weekend as temperatures reached 22.5C – hotter than the holiday hotspots of Ibiza and Rome.

107 pilot whales die in New Zealand stranding

All members of a pod of 107 pilot whales that stranded on a remote New Zealand beach have died, including 48 that were euthanised, the government's conservation department said today.

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