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Agenda: Kat Maconie; Michael Kiwanuka; Limanation; Pan Am; Transform

Kat Maconie has already carved out a name for herself creating fashionably functional footwear that doesn't hurt your feet, and this season she's collaborating with Felder Felder. Having made the shoes for their spring/summer 2011 catwalk show – which featured their signature armour-like dresses and punky glamour – Maconie's peep-toe boots, gilded with jingly gold hoops, are now available at Urban Outfitters and Asos. Just fancy! And what's more, you'll be able to walk in them too... £295,

C4 rapped over Frankie Boyle jokes

Channel 4 breached broadcasting guidelines with jokes about Katie Price's son Harvey on its Frankie Boyle comedy show, the media regulator has ruled.

At last, the last of the Last of the Summer Wine

Well, now, there's a thing. This summer is the last summer of Last of the Summer Wine. After this one's lease has run, never again will you be able to relax among the elderly cavortings, whimsical Yorkshire quaintnesses and cosy comings and goings of what is the BBC's longest-running sitcom, just the 37 years old.

Hit & Run: From hired to fired

The machinations of celebville are as turbulent as the intrigues of a bloodstained Renaissance court this week, with Madonna cast as Henry VIII and her personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, as the unfortunate Cardinal Wolsey.

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Pandora: Ravens is no Dead Ringer for Michelle

Imitation, it seems, isn't always a form of flattery. Just ask Jan Ravens, the acerbic Dead Ringers impressionist, who has decided that she will not be "doing a Michelle" any time soon – for fear of offending her subject.

Scots look for stars in the Evans

Thom and Max Evans were both schooled at Wellington College in Berkshire. So was Eric Arthur Blair, or George Orwell as he preferred to be known when he wrote "Down And Out In Paris And London".