Comedy review: Daniel Kitson: After The Beginning, Before The End

Daniel Kitson’s new show is a reflection on reality, memory and our sense of self. Hardly wall-to-wall giggles, you might think, but this publicity-shy, TV-shunning, Perrier Award-winning comic’s talent lies in burrowing into the human psyche and dispensing profound nuggets through tales in which, more often than not, he is the hapless protagonist. After The Beginning, Before The End is like a TED talk with added LOLs.

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What does being a moderate mean? Answer: David Brooks

For over a decade, David Brooks of the New York Times has been probably the most influential columnist in America. Influence is impossible to measure, of course, but one reason he has thrived is that politicians of all sides take his calls, thinking he will judge them according to their merit, and not because of ideological predisposition. That is a central tenet of what it is to be a moderate, and he devotes his column today to a lengthy exploration of that word.