North Korea’s first proper zoo

Despite Kim Jong Un’s first zoo being full of exotic animals, from penguin and reptiles to giraffes, the most popular attraction is the pavilion where dogs commonly kept as pets are on show

Where Europe Ends

Camilla de Maffei travelled the length of the Danube considering the question: where does Europe end? Her photographs reveal just how fluid and elusive the idea of ‘Europe’ is. . .

Timmo, who lives in a van

Photographer Liam Arthur questions the values vs the reality of ditching the 9-5 in favour of a free, traveller lifestyle

Federico Busonero: The Land that Remains

“The Palestine I visited remained elusive, transfixed in the stillness of its own time. I felt almost like an intruder as I approached the contradictory present topography and demanding past contained within: places of great weight and history, places of many recorded and unrecorded memories, places resonant with human suffering and dignity”

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The other Mapplethorpe: at one with toddlers

Edward Mapplethorpe grew up in the shadow of his big brother, the photographer Robert, but was also nurtured by him and his circle, not least Patti Smith. Now Edward has produced 'One', including writings by Smith and others - see her poem below - and his own portraits of one-year-old babies. Kashmira Gander asks him about his 'unfinishable non-project'