Julie Bindel Pregnant women are being legally pimped out for sex

A woman being prostituted in a legal German brothel was paid to be gangbanged by six men all of whom had asked for a heavily pregnant woman. She said after enduring this hideous experience – which was perfectly legal – that she felt she had pimped out her unborn child

Will Gore Does Keith Vaz really deserve respect for his privacy?

Vaz has spoken out about the criminalisation of poppers, has appeared to take a relatively stern line about the dangers of illegal drugs, and has led the committee’s inquiry into prostitution laws. There's a pretty strong argument that reporting this story is in the public interest

Matthew Norman Why everyone should see Keith Vaz as a hero

How on earth is the Home Affairs committee chair to acquaint himself with the ins and outs of male prostitution, if not by having affairs at home with male prostitutes? How better to investigate the impact of cocaine than by offering it to guests, and observing its effects on mind and body close-up?

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We're living in a pimp state

In her controversial new book, Kat Banyard claims that the sex trade – increasingly tolerated and regulated by governments – is inherently sexist