Red Sea

Portfolio: Norman Lomax

It was at a swimming pool in Weymouth that Norman Lomax first saw Sue Austin propelling herself through the water in an adapted wheelchair – and it was something of a eureka moment for him. "As a photographer," he explains, "the best stories are of ordinary people doing extraordinary things – that's what I saw here."

Popular Israeli resort Eilat hit by rocket attack

A rocket fired from Egypt's Sinai desert hit a southern Israeli resort city, police said, raising new concerns about militant activity in the mountainous peninsula. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the Sinai was becoming a “terror zone.”

Real life by the Red Sea

As the shine comes off Sharm El Sheikh, the nearby resort of Hurghada is enjoying its place in the sun, says Andrew Eames

Shark kills tourist after all-clear signal

A German woman was killed yesterday by a shark at the Sinai's most popular Red Sea resort only a day after the Egyptian authorities had declared the waters safe in the wake of a series of other attacks.

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