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Richard Hammond

Clarkson doubles Top Gear income

The Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson doubled his pay to more than £2m through his work with the BBC last year, accounts have shown.

The 50 Best B&Bs

Fresh flowers, Egyptian cotton and fine food are not just for boutique hotels. A new breed of luxurious guesthouses is rising to the challenge. Rhiannon Batten puts them to the test

Lego: If you build it, they will come

It's just lumps of snap-together plastic, yet in a virtual age, children are still clamouring for Lego. And it's a favourite that we don't outgrow, says Nick Duerden

Bernie Andrews: Radio producer who worked on Saturday Club, Top Gear

In the late 1980s, after record companies had reissued many of their best-sellers on compact disc, they began contemplating the release of the BBC sessions recorded by major acts such as the Beatles, the Who, David Bowie, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Fairport Convention and Led Zeppelin.

Kia to supply Top Gear with Reasonably Priced cee'd

Kia has made it on to Top Gear. The Korean company has provided three examples of its Golf-sized cee'd to the BBC 2 show, where it has replaced the Chevrolet Lacetti as the "Reasonably Priced Car" in which star interviewees attempt to set a fast lap time on the TG track.

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MoD defends time spent on Top Gear stunts

Whether it is trying to blast a Lotus sports car off the road with an Apache helicopter, or using an RAF Typhoon to race the world’s fastest road car, no series of Top Gear would be complete without some sort of high-octane cameo from our armed forces.

Protesters dump manure on Clarkson lawn

Climate campaigners have dumped horse manure on TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson's front lawn in protest against his views on global warming, they said today.

Hit & Run: Extremely entertaining?

Channel 4 unveiled its autumn schedules yesterday, one of the highlights being Alone in the Wild, in which Ed Wardle, a cameraman of no previous experience of survival techniques, was left to fend for himself in the Canadian wilderness. Nice one; couldn't they throw in a couple of globe-trotting comedians while they're at it? "I guess I'll have a long haul of eating fish in front me", Wardle had blithely remarked before his departure, although it seems that, seven weeks into this experiment, he had to be airlifted out of the Yukon. The fish weren't biting and he was near to starvation. His girlfriend back in London had noticed on his Twitter feed that Wardle had apparently become delirious and started talking to the insects, which, let's face it, is darned-sight more exciting than the vast majority of Tweets.