Album: Yaaba Funk, Afrobeast (Yaabaphone)

This London 10-piece get the whole Afrobeat/hi-life mix just about right with a loose, natural sound driven by a fluid yet intense rhythm section, bursts of on-the-nail brass, and plenty of light and shade in the vocals, which are shared by Richmond Kessie and Helen McDonald.

Can Sweden teach our schools a lesson?

The children design their uniforms. They sit on cushions while being taught. And it's the teachers who change classrooms between lessons. A left-wing experiment? No, Britain's first Scandinavian-style school – and the model for the Tories' education policy. Richard Garner visits Hampton Community College

Johnson demands huge improvement

Martin Johnson gave the first indication that his patience is beginning to wear thin after admitting he is "fed up" of constantly having to say England must improve.

England v Argentina match preview

England face Argentina at Twickenham on Saturday looking to step up their autumn internationals campaign after last week's lacklustre defeat by Australia.

A-Z of Courses: Glass-blowing

Glass-blowing is the process used to shape glass. It quite literally involves blowing with your mouth through a blowpipe at the end of which is molten glass – a combination of limestone, sand, potash and soda ash that has been heated to more than 1,000C. Today's glass-blowing courses combine traditional skills with contemporary techniques for both beginners and those with some previous experience. Students learn how to use a blowpipe to form a bubble with molten glass, shape glass with a marver and special glass-blowing tweezers, and use the punty, paddles, jacks, and shears to add to the design and shape. These skills are then used to design, produce and decorate all kinds of glass objects from scientific equipment to ornaments, tableware, mirrors and works of art. While the temptation is there to make jokes about people in glass houses, it's a deadly serious subject – the high temperatures mean there's a huge emphasis on health and safety.

This Is Summer: Eating out

Nobody wants to be inside on a lovely day – so make a note of these delightful eateries around Britain that have outside spaces, from garden benches to elegant terraces

Paul Raymond: Self-styled 'King of Soho' who built a successful

The self-styled "King of Soho", Paul Raymond was a self-made millionaire and pioneering sex mogul whose x-rated career spanned seven decades from coy post-war striptease to the hardcore world of the internet. He brought pornography out from under the counters of tatty corner shops and onto the top shelves of WH Smith, giving bare breasts a sophisticated sheen and earning himself a £650m fortune along the way.

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