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Ricky Gervais

Comic Relief drums up record £75m on 25th anniversary

Singer Jessie J shaved off her long locks, comedian Peter Kay travelled the length of the country and the great British public took part in outrageous fund-raising stunts to help raise a record £75m for Comic Relief.

Schools: Someone still loves you, Piers Morgan

In order to practise the skill of persuasive writing, Year 11 pupils at Chew Valley school in Somerset were asked in early December to write to their favourite celebrity asking for an autographed picture.

Lucy Davis: 'I'm learning how to live my life with kindness and grace'

I've lived in Los Angeles for eight years Who'd have thought it? But I love it. You can be anyone you want in LA: the person who goes out drinking until four o'clock in the morning; the one that goes trekking in the hills; the beach bum. People think it's a very shallow place, but there is actually so much more to it than that. You just have to find it.

Graham Norton defends modern chat shows

TV star Graham Norton has hit back following Michael Parkinson's criticism of the current generation of chat show hosts, and bemoaned the rise of "goody goody" dramas.

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Weinstein rules the Globes as Brits play a supporting role

Gilded trophy in hand, and with applause ringing in her ears, Meryl Streep neatly crystalised the big story at Sunday's Golden Globes. "I'd like to thank my agent," she declared, after picking up a new Best Actress gong to add to her collection. "And also God: Harvey Weinstein."