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Life imitating art at The Call Centre: Meet Nev, he’s just a

You aren’t alone if you could watch only some of The Call Centre, BBC3’s fly-on-the-wall series filmed at a Swansea cold-call factory, where bad banter met worse suits. The man in charge, Nev (that’s him in the brown suit with one of his acolytes) emerged instantly as a real-life David Brent, dispensing business park maxims and behaviour to make an HR department shudder.

It's the age of Reverse Product Placement: Fictional items from The

The media giant NBC- Universal broke US ad-sale records for its Olympic programming this year. But, as more people skip ad breaks, television shows must do all they can to make money. Product placement has long been a fixture of American TV, with some shows working real-life products into scripts without too much damage to reputations.

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Observations: Sheep(s) draw an admiring flock to the West End

Sheeps have come up with a novel way to make sure that the atmosphere doesn't dip during their new comedy show. They've prepared a little call-and-response routine, asking the audience to shout out encouragement– "Keep going, Sheeps!" – at key intervals.