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Daley produces perfect score to take second gold

For Torvill and Dean in Sarajevo '84 and Nadia Comaneci in Montreal '76, read Tom Daley in Delhi 2010. At 16, the Plymouth schoolboy has already achieved much in his sporting life: Olympic selection at 13, Olympic appearance at 14, world champion at 15, Commonwealth champion at 16. Now he can join those rare sporting beasts who have managed to achieve perfection on the high-pressure stage of a major multi-sport Games.

Divided by faith, united by war

When Bosnian Muslim Sara Pechanec cried out for help as Serbian forces ransacked Sarajevo in 1992, she could not have imagined that her saviours would be Israeli Jews – who were themselves rescued from the Nazis by her own parents. Jerome Taylor hears her story

Margaret Moth: Fearless camerawoman who faced the dangers of many war

When Margaret Moth was shot through the face by a Serbian sniper in Sarajevo in 1992, her life was in the balance. But after two years and a dozen operations of reconstructive surgery, she persuaded CNN to let her get back to work. So where did she demand to go? To those who knew her, that was a no-brainer: Sarajevo. "I want to go back to look for my teeth," she joked. In the end, it was neither that bullet nor the many others she faced thereafter that killed her; she died of colon cancer at the age of 58.

Karadzic defends Serb aggression as 'just and holy'

The wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, defending himself against charges of Europe's worst genocide since the Holocaust, told judges yesterday he was not the barbarian depicted by UN prosecutors, but was protecting his people against a fundamentalist Muslim plot.

Bill Porter: Publisher and media ethics campaigner

While many retired business executives might take to the golf course or join bridge parties, Bill Porter found his life taking off in an altogether different direction. He was already 70, and with a lifetime's career in journalism and publishing behind him, when he launched the International Communications Forum, a global media ethics campaign, in 1990.

From Sarajevo to Hollywood: Life under siege

Bill Carter, an American, didn't know much about the war in Bosnia, but somehow he ended up in Sarajevo, the city under siege for almost four years. Liam Neeson and Orlando Bloom are to play lead roles in his film about his experiences there. By Peter Popham

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