Scottish Highlands

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Inverness seek 'justice' after Tansey dismissal

Inverness have confirmed they will appeal against the red card issued to Greg Tansey during Saturday's Scottish Premier League game against Celtic. The midfielder was dismissed in the 36th minute at the Tulloch Caledonian Stadium by referee Stevie O'Reilly following an aerial challenge with the Celtic striker Georgios Samaras.

Stokes issues title warning to Celtic

Anthony Stokes admits Celtic cannot afford any more slip-ups as they prepare to host Dunfermline in the Clydesdale Bank Premier League on Wednesday and aim to haul themselves back into contention in the title race.

Highland show: An inspired walled garden deep in the Scottish

They say it's the midges and the rain that keep summer visitors away from the Highlands. Bring them on, say I. Well, perhaps not the midges, though they must be one of the reasons why the place swarms with swifts and swallows, curling and screaming across the pasture. But the rain is superb. From steep slopes of birch and bracken, gulley and rock, it conjures up an extraordinary number of waterfalls. Clefts that you usually read as no more than dark creases in the terrain foam with white water, in such a hurry to get down from the hill that it drowns all other noises in its thunderous fall.