I'm not surprised by the Grindr gay sex scandal at a Catholic seminary

I looked into how much it would cost, what I would need to study to qualify, and starting reading up on what life would be like as a priest. I wrote a lengthy letter to my pastor, who sent back to me a single biblical quote which I took very seriously at the time - 'In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.'

Hooked on porn, turned off sex

One troubling reason why millennials are less sexually active than their parents is the warped behaviour they learn from the internet. Now there's a group trying to ‘reboot’ their mindsets

Why my fiancé and I have an open relationship

The received wisdom says that if the idea of your beloved in someone's arms doesn't fill you with dread and loathing then your love for them is somehow lacking, insufficient or even in some way deficient. I personally find the idea thrilling

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