Sierra Leone

Why this documentary will change your perception of Sierra Leone

In films, the portrayal of Sierra Leone tends to be downbeat, with images of gunrunning, blood diamonds, disease, poverty and corruption. Sierra Leone: An Artist’s Journey, however, will look in depth into the country’s cultural history as it follows the country's most celebrated theatre director Charlie Haffner. Geoffrey Macnab reports

Boyd Tonkin: American dreams, African realities - and the literary

Aroyal palace – even one soon due to host a new arrival – feels like a fitting venue for an imperial swansong. While the HarperCollins garden party in the Orangery at Kensington Palace morphed into a valediction and celebration for the firm's departing CEO Victoria Barnsley, talk also turned on the lowering of other flags. Large-scale publishing in Britain, some guests claimed, has fallen more firmly than ever under the American yoke.

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