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Follow Your Art: Street artists stand up for Anti-Slavery

They normally scuttle about under the cover of darkness, hoping that the line between “art” and “vandalism” will not be blurred by the authorities. But tomorrow some of the world’s most exciting street artists will stand up in public, openly, to promote an equally underground movement: Anti-Slavery International.

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Basketball: NBA season at risk after owners lock out players in pay

A second major league US sport shut down yesterday, as National Basketball League team owners imposed a lockout on players after talks on a new labour contract broke down – making it likely that some, if not all, of the 2011-12 NBA season due to begin in October will be lost.

What's gone wrong with our tomatoes?

They're incredibly easy to grow and at their most delicious fresh from the plant. So why do we buy unripe, flavourless tomatoes that have been sourced in unsavoury ways? Guy Adams gets to the root of the problem

The disunion forever: Why the US Civil War still divides America 150

At 4.30 on the morning of April 12 1861 – 150 years ago this week – the newly-formed Confederate States of America opened fire on Fort Sumter, located near the entrance to Charleston Harbor, South Carolina and held by troops loyal to the Union. This was the spark for conflict, the scale of which was glimpsed by virtually no-one in 1861. By war's end four years later, some 620,000 Americans would be dead.