Nabila Ramdani Macron's latest success heralds the death of French socialism

It was Hollande’s prime minister Manuel Valls, a classic Socialist Party success story who rose from Spanish immigrant to the second highest office in the French state, who announced that the party was ‘dead and gone’, and that he wanted to join En Marche! This was within a couple of days of Macron’s presidential victory

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Can Nicolas Sarkozy stage another comeback? Court ruling clears way

Liberated by a ruling last week that spares him the humiliation of a trial for the alleged fleecing of the ailing nonagenarian billionairess Liliane Bettencourt, Nicolas Sarkozy has been "energised", say his friends. Thus reinvigorated, he intends to rise from the political grave next year and begin a three-year campaign to reclaim the Elysée Palace.