The Germans have won the Second World War. What would you do?

With the dramatisation of SS-GB starting tonight, David Barnett wonders ... would you be the partisan hiding in the hills, harrying the occupying forces, would you rather die than live under the jackboot of fascism, or would you collaborate?

On the sofa with... June Sarpong

The presenter, 39, talks to Ellen E Jones about her viewing habits, her love of US dramas such as Sky Living’s The Blacklist, and why disliking reality shows doesn’t make her a TV snob…

The 20 greatest TV cop shows of all time

Police TV series, a fixture of the small screen since its inception, have morphed from binary tales of cops and robbers to challenging and morally nebulous psychodramas. While each generation favours the ones it grew up with, Graeme Ross reckons he has nailed down the best of all time

On the sofa with...Jo Whiley

The Radio 2 DJ, 51, is a huge fan of Sky Living crime drama Blindspot. Here she tells Ellen E Jones what she enjoys about the show — and how it could inspire her to get a tattoo…

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