Tamil Nadu

Meet India's biggest film star

Balding, paunchy, 61-year-old Rajinikanth is an unlikely leading man. But his new film, out this week, looks set to break all records

Murali and Hussey help Chennai to glory

Chennai Super Kings were crowned Champions League Twenty20 winners last night after outplaying the Warriors in Johannesburg on their way to an eight-wicket victory.

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Hunger striker 'critical' as Tamil crisis grows

Sri Lanka pressed ahead with its military onslaught against the Tamil Tigers last night despite calls from Britain and France for an immediate ceasefire to allow thousands of civilians to escape the conflict zone.

Surrender or you die, Tamil Tigers warned

The Tamil Tigers declared a unilateral ceasefire yesterday, but Sri Lanka dismissed it as a "joke" and said only a surrender would stop troops from finishing the last battle in Asia's longest modern war.