Why Pokémon Go isn't the dream come true you think it is

Pokémon Go requires the user to give permission to several privacy intrusions: location services, camera usage and data, time zone, and so on. It’s not surprising people are already questioning what Pokémon creator Nintendo will do with this data

Welcome to the world of animal technology

Many people laugh when they hear about animal technology and point out that they cannot type. This doesn’t stop many humans from using it so that shouldn’t stop animals either says Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas

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Frock to the future

Wearable tech is on the cusp of the high-street and is the biggest textile development since the invention of the sewing machine

This article will self-destruct in...

Our data is already vulnerable to hackers and may soon be under government surveillance, too. So how do the web-savvy keep themselves to themselves?

The Philarmonia brings Stravinsky into the digital age

When it comes to the use of digital technology to reach new audiences, the Philharmonia Orchestra has been the most adventurous in the UK, as demonstrated by its new project Stravinsky: Myths and Rituals. Jessica Duchen finds out more