The 10 Best men's fragrances

Whether an old favourite, new launch or bestseller, these scents are sure to please even the most masculine of sensibilities

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Concrete jungle: Discover a bucolic vision in an unlikely setting

Concrete? I'll have you know that reinforced concrete was invented by a gardener. The gardener in question was a Frenchman, Joseph Monier, who was trying to make the best-ever plant pot. (This isn't the kind of thing that gardeners just happen to know: I read it in a book about inventions I got at the Science Museum.) Gazing at Marseille's Unité, a block of apartments by Le Corbusier, it occurs to me that we have all been labouring under the misapprehension that gardening and concrete don't exactly go together. The truth is that the most brutal building always looks better with a lawn of verdant green. And some palm trees.

The Big Six: Celebrity stays

The tiny island of Parrot Cay in the Turks & Caicos archipelago is a favourite of A-listers including Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Bruce Willis. So much so, several of them own villas here, clustered away from the main resort in a corner known as Rocky Point. The Sanctuary, owned by yoga-loving fashion designer Donna Karan, is available to rent to non-celebrity guests, with 11 bedrooms and views of Parrot Cay's white beaches.