Turkish Football

Robinho turns down Fenerbahce offer

Robinho has turned down a formal offer from Fenerbahce hoping to leave Manchester City for a Spanish or Italian club before the August 31 transfer deadline.

Robert Fisk: Obama falls short on Armenian pledge

It was clever, crafty – artful, even – but it was not the truth. For in the end, Barack Obama dishonoured his promise to his American-Armenian voters to call the deliberate mass murder of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Turks in 1915 a genocide. How grateful today's Turkish generals must be.

Final hurdle no sweat for Terim after trial by media

He looks a bit like Terry Venables and he joked yesterday that he perspires so much during games that he takes three shirts to change into during the course of every match. Fatih Terim, the godfather of Turkish football management, is the colourful character who has led his team to an improbable semi-final at Euro 2008 but life off the pitch has been far from simple for the man who leads Turkey against Germany tonight.

Fenerbahce acclaimed as national heroes after Seville upset

Turkish fans celebrated late into the night on Tuesday after Fenerbahce beat Seville to reach the Champions League quarter-finals, and yesterday's morning newspapers heralded the victory as putting the club among the giants of European football.