Unicef urges a global ban on the use of children in conflicts

Conflict is like a terrible fire that ceases and flares, spreading through communities and across borders, making it very difficult to calculate the numbers of children affected or associated with armed forces and armed groups. Unicef estimates that thousands of girls and boys in more than 20 countries around the world are taking part in hostilities.

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Mixed messages from CAR rebels

Days before joining a rebellion now sweeping the Central African Republic, this rebel commander told Evgeny Lebedev he was working with the government

Rebel advance threatens CAR's fragile peace

As December 25 comes around, the Independent’s Christmas Appeal has already raised tens of thousands for Unicef to help child soldiers in the Central African Republic. However, rebel advances in the north of the country risk creating a new crisis that could sweep up still more children in its wake.

Christmas with the child soldiers

Even as instability continues in the Central African Republic, Unicef are doing everything they can to give former child soldiers a proper Christmas day