Taekwondo: Lutalo Muhammad keen to prove critics wrong after

Lutalo Muhammad is keen to make his own impression in the taekwondo tomorrow. To many, he is known only as the anti-Aaron Cook, the man who took the place that ought to have belonged to the world No 1. But despite the fierce disagreement between Cook and GB Taekwondo, Muhammad wants to show that he is an Olympian in his own right, and not just by default.

The jungle look: Anna Pavord is captivated by a magnificently

Many roads in suburban London have a similar feel about them: terraced or semi-detached villas of the late Victorian, early Edwardian kind, the front gardens too often obliterated by concrete slabs and wheelie bins. Maynard Road in Walthamstow is different. The first thing you see, turning into the street from Beulah Road, are two brick flower beds, magnificently planted with Brussels sprouts and sunflowers, red cabbage and bright yellow African marigolds, nasturtiums, lilies, tomatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, borage and pumpkins. The beds stood alongside half a dozen tatty garages set in a block on the right hand side, but this didn't look like council work – too eclectic. If not them, who?

Commons people: One year on, how are the new MPs coping with the highs

Twelve months ago, they were engineers, environmentalists and GPs, with ideals and home lives. But since 6 May 2010, they have been part of the biggest Commons intake since the war. A year on, eight new MPs reveal the highs and lows of power – and whether the argy-bargy of the House has blunted their reforming zeal

'I'm the urban space man': How Martyn Cox became the king of the small

Martyn Cox didn't exactly mean to become a gardener. "I thought I'd be an artist or a musician," he laughs, remembering the six months he spent at home, sitting on the sofa after leaving school. "I was mainly watching Going for Gold. In the end my dad said, 'Come on, you've got to do something.'"

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Building excellence: A multibillion-pound scheme to upgrade schools is

Building Schools for the Future (BSF) is perhaps the most ambitious known scheme of its kind. Launched in 2004 by the then Department for Education and Skills, £2.5bn-£3bn of capital investment is being spent on the programme each year to renovate or rebuild every school in England.

Lethal Bizzle - The grime of his life

Lethal Bizzle's uncompromising, personal, lyrics have put him in the political spotlight and led to racist attacks. With his new album moving up the charts, he tells Fiona Sturges what drives him