News Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said: 'We are restructuring the army to ensure regular and reserve soldiers are fully integrated into one force.'

The Army is launching a new recruitment campaign to expand its reserves section, despite recent cuts to the number of troops.

Is the property market hotting up?

With the spring buying season under way, Jonathan Christie takes the nation's property temperature

Day the Vikings got their comeuppance

Discovery of 1,000-year-old mass grave in Dorset sheds light on brutal Anglo-Saxon victory over invaders

Leading article: Norse play

The story of the Vikings on these islands is a familiar one: rape; pillage; desecration; extortion; and general mistreatment of the poor Saxons. But new archaeological evidence, in the form of a mass Viking grave uncovered near Weymouth, suggests that the bad behaviour was not entirely one way.

The fight on the beaches

The general election will be decided by votes cast in key marginal constituencies – many of them on Britain's coast. What's going on in voters' minds in these seashore seats? Paul Vallely tests the water in Hastings, Weymouth and Blackpool

Mother died of multiple stab wounds

A young mother whose body was found alongside that of her baby daughter died of multiple stab wounds.

Mother of murder suspect makes emotional plea

The mother of a missing man suspected of murdering his girlfriend and baby daughter broke down yesterday as she made an appeal for him to come forward.

Police seek man over double murder

Detectives were today hunting a man suspected of murdering his partner and eight-month-old baby daughter.

Abuse victim breaks silence to help others

A 20-year-old woman who was sexually abused by her step-father for five years today broke her silence in the hope of helping others.

Dangerous Talk, By David Cressy

Aimed at someone else, a finely honed insult is one of life's undoubted pleasures. Even its victim can, in time, value such pungency. As such, any ruler's job description should require a bemused smile. Yet such oratory, through several centuries in England, brought grumblers the loss of ears – or, worse, of neck. As is made clear by David Cressy's study of "scandalous, seditious, and treasonable speech", many a monarch unleashed a bloodbath upon those who had taken it upon themselves to "have their say".

Outside the Box: Travel chaos and wrong kit as the Gills' chances go down tube

Supportive as this column is of the London Olympics, we do occasionally wonder about the 100 metres final having to be postponed because a lorry is stuck in the Blackwall Tunnel.

Virginia Ironside’s Dilemmas: My son of eight is doing badly at school

Dear Virginia,

My son of eight is doing badly at school. I know he's clever, but he just can't be bothered. He's so lazy. I have told him he won't get a birthday party this year unless he tries harder, and his stepfather sometimes gets really angry when he sees his marks. His teachers are getting fed up, too. His own father says we should be more encouraging, but there's no point. He can do the work, it's just that he won't. Is there anything we can do?

Yours sincerely, Pippa

Sport in Brief: Magnificent seven medals for British sailors

Britain's Olympic sailors gave notice of more success in the build-up to 2012, taking seven medals in the finals of the Skandia Sail for Gold regatta in Weymouth yesterday, writes Stuart Alexander.

Britain's sailors take seven medals

Britain’s Olympic sailors gave notice of continuing success in the build-up to 2012, taking seven medals in the finals of the Skandia Sail for Gold regatta in Weymouth today.

Iain Percy & Andrew Simpson: 'We can't rely on razzmatazz to wow the crowds at 2012'

The Brian Viner Interview: Britain's first new Olympic venue has seen action this week – but how will Weymouth's sailing centre compete with the glitz of Beijing? Two Gold medallists take to the waters to explain why they're confident they'll be celebrating here in three years

Britons dominate leaderboard in Weymouth

Windy Weymouth set some testing conditions for the second day of the Skandia Sail for Gold Olympic regatta. Lifejackets were compulsory, racing for the high performance 49ers was abandoned, and the damage-prone Star boats were brought in after one race.

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Tour de France 2015

Froome rides into Paris to win historic second Tour
Fifteen years ago, Concorde crashed, and a dream died. Today, the desire to travel faster than the speed of sound is growing once again

A new beginning for supersonic flight?

Concorde's successors are in the works 15 years on from the Paris crash
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I would never quit party, says Liz Kendall

Latest on the Labour leadership contest
Froome seals second Tour de France victory

Never mind Pinot, it’s bubbly for Froome

Second Tour de France victory all but sealed
Oh really? How the 'lowest form of wit' makes people brighter and more creative

The uses of sarcasm

'Lowest form of wit' actually makes people brighter and more creative
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No vanity, but lots of flair

A tribute to the magazine editor Ingrid Sischy
Foraging: How the British rediscovered their taste for chasing after wild food

In praise of foraging

How the British rediscovered their taste for wild food
Simon Pegg talks Star Wars, Mission Impossible and Game of Thrones

'I’m constantly pinching myself'

Simon Pegg talks Star Wars, Mission Impossible and Game of Thrones
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Ashley Madison

The cheats' guide to using the extramarital affair website
Valentino's vision lives on in Chiuri and Piccioli

Valentino's vision lives on

Valentino is a byword for opulence. And now Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli are carrying on the great man's legacy
Stunning new Nasa images of Pluto show glacier-like moving ice formations

Stunning new images of Pluto

Nasa New Horizons team reveal latest pictures
Iran – the land where some 700 souls were executed last year

Iran – where some 700 souls were executed last year

It's not surprising that hanging and beheading have become a grim feature of 'justice' in the Muslim world, says Robert Fisk