Winchester Crown Court

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Earl Haig: Son of Field-Marshal Haig who became a soldier and painter

Surely no child can ever have inherited a more difficult silver spoon. George (after his godfather King George V) Alexander (in deference to one godmother, Queen Alexandra) Eugene (in deference to another godfather, the Empress Eugenie, widow of Napoleon III) Douglas Haig was born in a mock Tudor house called Eastcott on the night of 15 March 1918. His mother wrote: "Few babies can have been so welcome. The newspapers acclaimed him and everyone seemed to take a personal pleasure in his arrival. Douglas returned to France the day after, but before he left he received from the King and Queen at Buckingham Palace their majestys' very warm congratulations." The Germans were about to make their last great attack of the First World War, towards Amiens.

Burglars who terrified victims jailed

A gang of three men stole at least £70,000 from more than 70 pensioners across the country, duping their way inside their victims’ homes by pretending to be police officers, in what is thought to be the biggest series of distraction burglaries ever seen in the UK.