Taxonomy: Introducing the Obamadon

It's seen as a sign of respect awarded by scientists around the world searching for new species of plant and animal life. Now Barack Obama has the honour of having not one, but three species named after him.

Barton Biggs: Global investment guru noted for his later pessimism

For over 40 years Barton Biggs was the most innovative and successful investment manager on Wall Street, He was also the first "global investment strategist", and one of the first to invest in "emerging economies". In his seventies, however, he became an extreme pessimist, foreseeing the possibility of the collapse of civilisation.

Lab technician questioned over Yale student's murder

Police searching for the killer of Annie Le, a Yale student found murdered on what was supposed to be her wedding day, have raided the home of a Yale University lab technician who is described as a "person of interest" in the case.

Body found in lab is missing Yale student

Police were today hunting for a killer who hid a body investigators found inside a laboratory wall and believe to be that of a Yale University graduate student who vanished last week.

Off Duty: New Haven

The home of one of America’s leading universities is a vibrant city

Connecticut: Homes of the brave

Connecticut's female 'architects of society' helped create today's International Women's Day. Harriet O'Brien explores this small state with big ideas

Pure genius: The inventors' hall of fame

This spring, America's National Inventors' Hall of Fame will confer its greatest honour on the men and women whose ingenuity has changed our lives. The creations may be familiar, but how much do we know about the people who gave them to us?